Many of the bowls displayed here are unique, one of a kind pieces. Some of the species are a rare find (the Eastern Red Cedar, for example) that come to me at unpredictable times.

Eastern Red Cedar Bowls

Whenever I come across various, unique stock, I jump at the chance to turn something beautiful from it. Because of this, some of these rare beauties aren’t always available. Please inquire to find out what my current stock is at the time. I will do my best to find something to fit your needs.

If you have something available from your own back yard that you would like turned into a wonderful piece of art to display in your home, let me know and I will try to accommodate your wishes. I usually work with stock that has a minimum trunk diameter of 10”, and 18-20” long, though I have turned bowls from smaller stock. The largest form I can currently turn is 14” in diameter.

I currently do all of my turning on a Turncrafter Commander 12” Variable Speed Midi Lathe (converted to 14” capacity) available from Penn State Industries.

Prices for bowls or custom shapes are dependent upon the design, size, and species used, typically $25.00 for small, natural edge bowls up to $150.00 for large, unique natural edge bowls. Custom Designs vary by project scale. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks from placement of order. Shipping will be calculated at time of order. For any questions on design, pricing, species, or shipping, please feel free to contact me anytime.*

You can contact me at:

Stan Palmatier

phone: (269) 207-2125